Wetherby Gardens

Award winning garden, Kensington SW5

Garden Rules & Bye-laws

Please remember at all times that the Garden is for the quiet enjoyment of residents.

The Garden rules are set out below. Additionally, the Bye-laws are available to view on the Bye-laws page.

  1. Parties
    Residents are welcome to have parties in the garden. Parties of more than 15 must obtain permission first. Please notify us at enquiries@wetherbygardens.org to let us know the details of the party and we can notify you of any clashes with any other garden activities. In all cases it must be hosted by a qualifying resident. Please be aware of the following responsibilities and bye-law requirements:
    1. The gates must be kept closed at all times. If you are expecting guests to arrive, the gate must by manned or your guests contact you by mobile phone as they arrive.
    2. All rubbish and debris must be removed from the garden. (The bins in the garden are provided for dog waste only and are treated in a different way to normal rubbish removal. They must not be used for anything else.)
    3. No music or amplified sound is allowed.
    4. Tables and benches are available on a first come first served basis for the use of everyone in the garden. If you move benches or tables, please would you put them back.
    5. Parties must end by 11pm.
    6. Please always consider all the residents of the garden.
    7. Barbecues are not allowed in the garden under any circumstances
    8. Children’s parties with entertainers may only be held on Mondays – Thursdays.
    9. No bouncy castles or similar play equipment may be used in the garden.
  2. Dogs. Please see the separate section on Dogs.
  3. Children
    1. Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their children and guests in the garden.
    2. Children under the age of 7 must be supervised in the garden
    3. Please do not let your children pick flowers or run through the flower beds or leave litter in the garden. We have irrigation and expensive plants.
    4. Please be aware that stones left on the grass get caught in the lawn mower and can fly out and hit the gardener and anyone else nearby.
    5. Please try and keep noise to a reasonable level, especially before 10am at weekends.
    6. Please also avoid push chairs on the grass.
    7. Play Equipment in the garden is provided and maintained by the Wetherby Gardens Garden Committee. It is for the use of children only in accordance with the garden rules in the Garden Bye-Laws. Children using the equipment must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. The equipment is used at your own risk and the Garden Committee cannot accept any responsibility for injury whilst using the equipment. Any defects or damage to the equipment should be reported immediately to the garden committee. enquiries@wetherbygardens.org
  4. Exercise
    1. Do not use the benches or trees for exercise at any time.
    2. Boxing is not allowed in the garden.
    3. Working with a personal trainer must be carried out on the mats provided by the large swing.
    4. Radios and other music transmission devices are not allowed to be used in the garden.
    5. Joggers – please exercise before 9AM, maintain a social distance from other garden users and always give way to those walking on the paths.