Wetherby Gardens

Award winning garden, Kensington SW5

Garden Keys


To obtain a garden key please email enquiries@wetherbygardens.org.

A key will be issued only to the person named on and paying the Council Tax Bill. You will need to show the following original documents:

  1. If you own your property – proof of ownership
  2. If you are a tenant – proof of current tenancy
  3. Original Council Tax Bill
  4. Personal photo I.D.

One key per flat will be issued which costs £50. Tenants are required to pay a deposit of £200 which will be fully refunded on the return of their key and the original deposit slip.

All keys are individually numbered and will be registered to the person who applies for the key.

This key must never be given to anyone outside the keyholder’s household. Under no circumstances may a garden key be given to a contractor for works to be carried out on the garden side of your house (please see Bye-law 2).


All contractors must contact Kerry Wallace at Winkworth:

Kerry Wallace
123a Gloucester Road

020 7373 5052

All contractors working in the Garden must be fully insured and provide proof when they collect a key. A deposit is required for this key which is fully refundable providing no damage has been done in the garden. Winkworth charge a fee for managing this process.