Wetherby Gardens

Award winning garden, Kensington SW5


The bye-laws came into operation on 4th August 2006 when they were approved by a Judge Pontius of the Blackfriars Crown Court. To view or download the bye-laws in pdf format use the link at the bottom of the page.



  1. No-one may use Wetherby Gardens (“the Gardens”) who is not entitled to do so under section 51 of the Kensington Improvement Act 1851 or who is not a member of the household or a guest of someone so entitled.
  2. No-one holding a key to the Gardens may transfer it to anyone, or lend it to anyone who is not a member of his household.
  3. The gates must be kept locked.
    1. Dogs are only allowed in the Gardens if under the close control of a responsible person, whether or not by means of a lead.
    2. Any person in control of a dog in the Gardens must dispose of any excrement deposited by the dog by placing it in one of the receptacles provided for the purpose.
    3. All dogs must be registered with the Garden committee.
  4. Rubbish, litter and personal possessions (including children’s toys, barbecues, tables and chairs) must not be left in the Gardens.
  5. The use of radios, tape recorders, musical instruments and other sound-producing apparatus is not allowed.
  6. No games may be played in the Gardens, or activity carried on, that involves kicking, throwing or propelling by any other means any ball or other thing except (in a case of a soft ball) by children under seven playing under the close supervision of a responsible adult.
  7. No bicycle or tricycle may be ridden in the Gardens except by a child aged under eleven who may only do so on the paths and in a manner as to cause no nuisance to other garden users.
  8. Children under seven must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  9. Flowers may not be picked, nor the trees, shrubs, plants, turf, gates, fences, gardens seats, gazebo and equipment in any way damaged, nor the flower beds or the borders trampled on.
  10. No obstruction or thing likely to cause an obstruction may be left on the paths or elsewhere in the Gardens.
  11. Barbecues, bonfires and fireworks are not allowed anywhere in the Gardens (including the paths).
    1. Parties of more than 15 people are not allowed in the garden without the prior permission of the Garden sub-committee. Please contact the Chairman whose contact details are on the notice board.
    2. Any party held in the garden must finish before 11pm.
    3. Anything brought into the Gardens for the purpose of a party must be removed at its close.
  12. Noisy or disorderly conduct and other behaviour likely to interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Gardens by others or to disturb the residents of neighbouring property is not allowed in the Garden.
  13. Those using the Gardens must not interfere with the work of the gardeners.
  14. Garden users must comply with any notice displayed in the Garden by the Garden Committee, its Sub-Committee or an officer of either, temporarily restricting their use in the interests of the proper management and care of the Garden.
  15. Nothing in these bye-laws prohibits anything done with the written authority of the Garden Committee, its sub-committee or any officer of either and in accordance with any conditions imposed.
  16. Except with the express permission of the Garden’s Managing Agent (please see gates for contact details) no contractor or builder may use the Gardens for access or storage.
  17. The Committee may, at its discretion, ban from the Gardens anyone who wilfully breaches any of the bye-laws.
  18. All pre-existing bye-laws relating to the Gardens are hereby revoked.

The bye-laws came into operation on 4th August 2006 when they were approved by a Judge Pontius of the Blackfriars Crown Court.

Download: Bye-laws_04-08-2006.pdf.