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Ball games and ball throwers

Posted:Friday 25 March 2022
Posted by:Wetherby Gardens Garden Committee


A reminder that ball games and and ball throwers are prohibited.

Over recent months there has been significant, unnecessary, and costly, damage to plants, flower beds, irrigation sprinklers and to the grass. A lot of time and money has been spent in the garden this summer to try and repair the lawns.

One of the main causes of this damage is the use of balls and ball throwers to exercise dogs.

The Bye-laws, which are a condition of use of the gardens, are clear about balls and games:

7.  No games may be played in the Gardens, or activity carried on, that involves kicking, throwing or propelling by any other means any ball or other thing except (in a case of a soft ball) by children under seven playing under the close supervision of a responsible adult.

All ball games for dogs are prohibited in the garden. Please do not throw balls or similar items for your dogs to chase and retrieve.

Thank you for your co-operation.