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Key acquisition & dog registrations (Covid-19)

Posted:Monday 23 March 2020
Posted by:Wetherby Gardens Garden Committee


The procedure for Key acquisition and Dog registration has been amended in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dear Residents,

COVID-19 procedure

Our usual procedure for obtaining the garden key and dog registration has temporarily changed to reflect the extraordinary circumstances in which we currently live and operate.

We will no longer see you in person. If you apply for the garden key you will need to start your request by emailing enquiries@wetherbygardens.org. We will ask you to provide copies of the following documents:

  1. If you own your property – proof of ownership
  2. If you are a tenant – proof of current tenancy
  3. Original Council Tax Bill in your name
  4. Personal I.D. with your photograph

We will also email you appropriate forms to complete and you will be asked to deliver all this documentation to a local address. Please note that if you choose to email documents you do so at your own risk. We do not keep any personal data and destroy physical documents after verification.

Once we receive and verify the documents we will ask you to make a bank transfer to the Wetherby Gardens bank account.

We will confirm by email the process is complete and arrange the time for key collection.

Wetherby Gardens Garden Committee

Please note:

All keys are individually numbered and will be registered to the person who applies for the key. This key must never be given to anyone outside the keyholder's household. Under no circumstances may a garden key be given to a contractor for works to be carried out on the garden side of your house.

Please be considerate to others, especially at these difficult times – we ask that you fully comply with the Bye-Laws.

We will try to accommodate your request as quickly as we can but please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and individuals trying to look after the garden matters while working and looking after our families. Thank you.