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Notice to Dog Owners

Posted:Thursday 30 June 2022
Posted by:Wetherby Gardens Garden Committee


Uncollected dog mess has become a real problem which simply cannot carry on. An appeal to the irresponsible minority...

Dear Dog owners,

PLEASE can you ALL clean up after your dogs. It has become a real problem which simply cannot carry on.

If you are on your phone, it is imperative that you still watch your dog and check that they are not creating a mess which one of us will then has to pick up for you. We can pick up 3 to 5 dog poos a day from all over the garden.
There are a few owners who have been seen paying no attention to their dog as it poos in flower beds, lawns or paths.  In response to this behaviour, the Garden Committee reserves the right to ask anyone to keep their dogs on a lead or ban them from the garden.

It is a huge privilege that dogs are allowed in the garden, despite the extra maintenance they cause; the simple act of cleaning up after them is very little to ask considering.  As you know, there are several bag dispensers and bins for this very purpose throughout the garden for the convenience of dog owners, so there really is no excuse not to collect and throw away your dog’s poo.

Other gardens locally have implemented DNA recognition systems, whereby DNA is taken from every dog and samples of discarded poo are sent off and identified at a cost to the culprit owner. If this problem continues we will have no option but to consider this system.

The garden is for us all to enjoy and finding, or having to risk stepping in, dog poo is unfair for residents or for the gardeners, who frequently find it in flower beds and around bushes while they work. It should not be their problem to have to deal with, nor ours, nor anyone else's in the garden.

We are fully aware that the majority of you would never dream of leaving your dog’s poo lying around, and we ask that those of you who are causing this problem follow suit and stop immediately.

Wetherby Gardens Garden Committee